What's Attention Resistance?

Nowadays our attention is required nonstop - from apps, social media, e-mails and news tickers. I am not willing to accept this assumption of the attention economy anymore. 

Attention is a scarce source and I won't waste it on data collecting apps and stupid social media posts. I want to develop my own thoughts and not constantly be filled by other people's input. Let's live and experience our own life and decide on our own to whom or what we pay attention.

No demands and expectations about my attention - I decide when and how.

I am a PostDoc Researcher, mom of two and love everything creative. I recently read a lot of books about digital minimalism and the exploitations of the attention economy. I decided to create a platform for people in my situation - sick and tired of all the attention suckers around me. I don't want to be another sucker, I want to provide information and new ideas about how to handle and exist in times of boundless connectivity.

That doesn't at all require us to be technophobes, let's just take matters in our own hands again.